DerivaDEX Upgrade Proposal #11: Dencun Compatibility, Guarded Launch 1

This proposed upgrade to DerivaDEX is intended to transition the mainnet exchange from Pilot to Guarded launch. The proposal brings a number of improvements to the existing mainnet deployment of DerivaDEX, as well as prepares the DerivaDEX contracts for the changes to Ethereum coming with the Dencun upgrade.

In particular, the upgrade implements the following notable changes for traders and API users:


  • Price feed improvements that resolve bugs identified in testing.
  • Implementation of changes to transaction types supported by the DerivaDEX Sparse Merkle Tree to reflect updates to the Ethereum mainnet coming with the Dencun upgrade. Specifically, handling EIP 4788 and 4844 block metadata changes


  • Addition of a KYC onboarding flow using Blockpass.
  • Enabling a manual user checkpoint submission from within the UI when new checkpoints are available (checkpointing button)
  • Support for cancel-all orders by symbol
  • The /metrics stats endpoint is now also available to show current leverage and available collateral for trades
  • Order rejections can now be streamed via the realtime api order intent feed

Additionally, there have been a number of other miscellaneous improvements, including:

  • Improvements of the web and mobile exchange UI
  • Improvements to the orderbook sorting
  • Optimizations of the liquidation engine
  • Implementation of a timekeeper for price feed
  • Improvements to the stats API, including new endpoints for open interest and funding rate history
  • Implementation of backend support for index fund products
  • Funding and settlement decoupled to separate request types

This proposal marks the transition from Pilot to Guarded Launch. Pilot is a release intended to test the stability of the network, uncover mainnet-specific bugs, and has been extremely limited in access for users. Guarded Launch is a series of proposals intended to bring more functionality, stability, and usage to the exchange. Guarded Launch is not a single-stage release, and the community can expect (and propose) incremental upgrades moving forward, as stability and performance expectations are met.

Notably, this phase of Guarded Launch implements a Know-Your-Customer onboarding flow, provided by Blockpass. Not all users, and not all regions, are permitted to access the platform. Some regional restrictions may be removed in time.

There have been no changes to the existing Pilot safeguards, including but not limited to leverage limits, limits to maximum per-user open orders, and price band limits.

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