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[par0] August 5, 2022, 9:52pm

Features that significantly improve UI/UX (in my opinion) and it needs to be done before the mainnet

  • Reduce only and stop orders
  • PnL calculation. For now we only see “session unrealised PnL” and it’s really confusing when you see “0” at the end of each epoch
  • Colored PnL (don’t take too much time to implement)

Also, it would be nice to see in the future

  • Black, white color themes
  • The ability to save TradingView chart layouts
  • Additional types of orders (trailing stop, hidden orders, etc)

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[Maximo3453] August 6, 2022, 8:26am

These are nice ideas that I would also like to see implemented into the DEX.

[Ainsley] August 8, 2022, 12:24pm

Appreciate these suggestions, very thoughtful.

A few things I want to provide context on…

  • Reduce only and stop orders
    This feature does seem straightforward, but these more complex order types actually take some time to implement. They need to account for all the trading safeties that are in place, need to be fully tested, as well as included in the DerivaDEX auditor tool. I believe adding these is very important, but it would extend the engineering time. I would personally classify these as nice to have, and likely urgent in a post-mainnet upgrade, but not critical for an initial code freeze.
  • PnL calculation.
    I want to ensure I understand the goal, which it sounds like is to reflect the total PnL of the position since it was opened? This has a few dependent questions: should PnL reset when users modify positions (i.e., take partial profit?). It can also be confusing to see a PnL that is say, $100, but you’ve taken profit and the position is now only “worth” $20. Additionally, it will be confusing for users to see two PnL: the session PnL (which is very important because it’s how the exchange does accounting), and a lifetime PnL, which really just records that position but doesn’t reflect what you can close it for.

I think it would be helpful and interesting to display a position lifetime PnL, but I also think it requires a careful implementation and I would suggest that an MVP session PnL is sufficient. That said, if you have examples where you think the position lifetime PnL is shown to the user in a really effective way I would love to hear about it / see some screenshots.

Re: future features
I like all these suggestions. By black/white color themes do you mean light / dark mode? or something else?
Agree on the other points, would be nice features to see.

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