Welcome to the DerivaDAO forum

This forum is specifically for development and discussion of governance proposals.

Thank you for participating in the DerivaDAO and for contributing to the sound governance of the DerivaDEX protocol.

Here are a few guidelines for using this forum:

  • Ensure your post title is clear and descriptive
  • Polls may be used in the “ideas” or “general” category to gather informal consensus, but the title of a poll post should clearly indicate the question and what proposal it relates to.
  • Questions and concerns that are not directly related to governance should be raised on the Discord.
  • This forum can also be used for broader types of off-chain coordination, but should broadly fall within the topic of governance. For example, discussion about how to improve the recommended proposal process, or moderator application and selection processes.


Ideas that are ready to be proposed as drafts should be submitted to the Proposals category.


Ideas that are still in development or are seeking collaborators can be posted to the Ideas category.


New information about processes, resources and tooling, and other updates belongs in General.

Chinese Community 中文社区

Information and discussion related to growth and governance in Asia, use Chinese as a primary language in 中文社区