Submitting a proposal

This category is for discussion of proposals that are being developed for submission. Once a proposal is in draft form, the proposer should create a post in this category, even if the implementation is still in development.

Any proposal should be submitted here for discussion as part of the formal proposal process prior to on-chain submission.

1. Proposal details

When you submit a proposal here, please include the same information requested by the draft template, including:

  • Preamble - DIP ID, title, author, type, and date.
  • Purpose - A short (~200 word) description of the proposal’s intention.
  • Technical Specification (if applicable) - The technical specification should describe the syntax and semantics of any new feature (include any relevant code snippets and/or architecture diagrams).
  • Side-effects - Any positive and/or negative results if the proposal were to ultimately succeed.
  • Test Cases - Test cases for an implementation are mandatory for DIPs.
  • Security Considerations - All DIPs must contain a section that discusses the security implications/considerations relevant to the proposed change. Include information that might be important for security discussions, surfaces risks and can be used throughout the life cycle of the proposal. E.g. include security-relevant design decisions, concerns, important discussions, implementation-specific guidance and pitfalls, an outline of threats and risks and how they are being addressed.
  • Copyright Waiver - All DIPs must be in the public domain. See the bottom of this DIP for an example copyright waiver.

2. One post per proposal.

Do not make multiple posts for the same proposal. Proposals that do not pass will be locked, and new proposals should be accompanied by a new post.

3. Clearly state the descriptive title of the proposal in the post title.

All proposers should refer to the DerivaDEX Improvement Proposal (DIP) repo for technical instructions on writing, testing, and deploying proposals.

Don’t forget:

If you would like to make voting easier for supporters, you can include a delegate address for yourself or another known supporter

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