Reward DDX Tokens for Marketing Evangelism?

I think it would be cool to build a fund to offer DDX tokens to those doing marketing and evangelism across the internet for DDX. Would be open to hear any thoughts on this!

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How to evaluate the result?

It would be an inexact science but I think you can probably measure the level of chatter on twitter, /biz/, reddit etc on the growth in interest. Show high interaction tweets, reddit posts, posting activity on /biz/.


This is something we are looking at. We are right now focusing on the development of the exchange but when we have our MVP on mainnet we will start looking at all these initiatives :slight_smile:


Chinese community has developed a grant/initiative proposal for similar efforts. Considering growth in Asia = essential for ddx, i suggest we add a category for Chinese discussions so local community members can actually discuss the proposal on this forum.

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