Proposal: Bug Bounty Program with Immunefi

Hello DerivaDEX community,

Joe from Immunefi; web3’s leading bug bounty platform. (

I am reaching out today for a partnership between Immunefi and DDX.

We will help create/review a BBP and connect your project to 4000+ whitehat hackers specifically in the web3 space. During the launch and in an event of a critical vulnerability, we will help with co-marketing and communication to the DDX community and the crypto space.

We have no onboarding/maintenance fee. 100% performance-based fee.

Looking forward to the community’s feedback!

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Hey Joe,

What’s the range of $ in bounty compensation that you think is effective? I think it’s relevant because the DAO should probably scope any bounties to aum, and right now I think that’d be significantly less than most of the bounties listed (i.e., 1-10mm+).

maybe something to put on a roadmap tho, i.e., at such point as the DAO has x treasury, bounty should be set to y.

Hi Ainsley,

Range is up to the project themselves. We usually recommend that maximum critical reward at 10% of the total funds at risk. No matter the bounty amount, our co-marketing effort will bring attention to our network of hackers to look at your project.

If a bug bounty with Immunefi is something to look at in the near future, please reach out to me here!