Meta-governance research (and proposal idea)

I have kicked off some research into DAO forum structures. My reasoning is that although coordination between DAO members happens in many ways, the forums tend to illustrate the underlying structures fairly clearly.

The goal I have is to think about which verticals / working groups / focus areas can be adopted by DerivaDAO to help improve cross-member and cross-team communication and transparency.

Please feel free to request edit access if you would like. Anyone is free to leave comments.

My initial recommendations:

  • archive the “Ideas” category, and replace with more focused topics i.e., “Meta-governance”, which can be used to form exploratory working groups or suggest changes to the process for this.
  • archive the Chinese language category, as it receives the least traffic and there is already language-specific channels on discord.
  • create a category for “Development”, where discussions for engineering specific topics and decisions can live, as well as working groups focused on building tooling for the exchange can communicate decisions.
  • create a meta-governance working group to build an agenda and schedule regular meetings to set new items and goals.
  • create a “Resources” section which contains community and DAO-created resources and guides moving forward, as well as links to important information about the project.

The most actionable part of this proposal is the formation of the meta-governance working group. If you would like to be nominated as part of this, please leave a comment with your request and a brief description of your involvement with DerivaDEX, DAOs, and/or any other qualifications that the DAO should consider.

I believe working group calls should be open to the community at large, but the core nominated team should be able to set the agenda and organize the schedule.

As these recommendations are require only off-chain actions, I think I will leave some days for comment and improvement of the proposal, then submit it to snapshot for a vote.

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I have been a Discord Mod for DerivaDex for almost a year. I’m learning as I go but I would like to help with the resources that are offered to the community. I believe there’s a lot more that we can do to inform and bring others to help contribute to DerivaDex.

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