DerivaDEX Communications Lead

As the DerivaDEX exchange code/infrastructure hardens under the ongoing rigorous testing, the notion of achieving a MVP version for mainnet proposal grows nearer. As a DAO-governed exchange, building a strong foundation of community prior to launch is critical in order to foster a diverse and thoughtful governance process through which to guide exchange related decisions. A broader community will also serve to attract more users for the last stages of testing, improving the robustness of this process, while also developing a foundation of potential early users of the exchange upon mainnet launch.

It is for these reasons that I propose launching a campaign to hire an experienced DerivaDEX Communications Lead who would be tasked with community growth and education.

This proposal would require funding from the DerivaDEX Foundation and I welcome any and all feedback/ suggestions.

DerivaDEX Communications Lead


Part-Time at 20 hours per week (initially)

Communications Lead/ Marketing

$40,000 base part-time salary with up to 25% annualized KPI incentives decided quarterly by community (i.e. up to $2500 quarterly performance bonus)
*Payment in digital currency

What is DerivaDEX?
DerivaDEX is a decentralized exchange for derivative contracts built on top of Ethereum. As we’ve seen in the wake of FTX, the core tenets of decentralization, transparency, and trust minimization are critical features to ensuring safety and fairness for market participants. As a next-generation derivatives exchange DerivaDEX encompasses these core attributes while prioritizing performance and user experience, ultimately providing users the benefits of centralized exchanges, without the drawbacks.

Your role:
The DerivaDEX community is looking for a Communications Lead to help highlight the future vision of DerivaDEX with a focus on community growth, engagement, and education. This role would require active collaboration with all contributors of the DerivaDEX ecosystem including members of the DerivaDEX DAO, DEX Labs, the DerivaDEX Foundation, and other active community members/ contributors.

-Develop a communications and public relations strategy that aligns with the vision of the DerivaDEX community with a focus on community growth
-Work closely and collaboratively with all members of the DerivaDEX community and its partners
-Produce regular high quality educational content that thoughtfully delves into relevant aspects of the broader crypto ecosystem (i.e. governance, decentralization, derivatives trading, etc.) whilst highlighting the approach and advantages that DerivaDEX offers
-Produce content that secures the DerivaDEX community as a thought leader within DeFi
-Produce content that is engaging across multiple communication channels (Twitter, Medium, Discord, Twitter Spaces, Podcasts, etc.)
-Produce content that caters to an audience of varying technical backgrounds
-Plan and coordinate regular events (Twitter spaces, podcasts, etc.) that grows and solidifies DerivaDEX’s presence within DeFi

Skills & Qualifications:
-3+ years of experience in a professional communications role
-1+ years of relevant experience in the crypto industry
-Passion for DeFi
-Superior communication skills (both written and verbal)
-Must be self-driven with the ability to both identify and execute what needs to be done

-Compensation will be structured to include a base salary with community voted incentives based on achieving desired KPIs. Quarterly community votes will be used to assess your performance with your compensation adjusted accordingly. This is meant to properly align incentives between you and the DerivaDEX community such that the quality of your work is compensated accordingly.

-Remote work whereby you can structure an environment that best supports you
-Flexibility with how you structure your work schedule
-Potential for future job growth as directed by the DerivaDEX community (i.e. the potential to progress from part-time to full-time)
-Opportunity to help lead the growth and narrative for a truly innovative DeFi protocol and its community
-Performance based compensation


I think this makes sense, but i wonder if the role is sponsored by the Foundation it would be also prudent to establish the goal of the role to eventually transition to DAO sponsorship when/if appropriate.

As I understand it, the current layout is base salary is proposed to be covered by the Foundation, and other performance-based incentives are to be determined by DAO?

I would be interested to hear potential candidates propose some KPIs. I think that would demonstrate alignment and competency pretty clearly.

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I’d be curious to hear opinions as to the pros and cons re: the two potential sources of funding:

  1. The DerivaDEX Foundation: a non-profit to support the DerivaDEX exchange/ ecosystem

  2. The DerivaDEX DAO Treasury

I actually think this raises important questions pertaining to the structure/ function of both the DerivaDEX Foundation and the DAO which I’m hoping we can answer and which should help clarify the logistics of both this and future proposals.

DerivaDEX Foundation
i) Who are the members of the DerivaDEX Foundation and does it include independent community members distinct from DEX Labs, VCs, project advisors?
iI) Can this be modified and if so how?
iii) How does the community/ DAO interact with the DerivaDEX Foundation and/or make proposals?
iv) What is the process the DerivaDEX Foundation takes in choosing to accept or deny proposals?
v) What resources does the DerivaDEX Foundation control and is there a transparent way for this to be accessible to the community?

i) What is the current treasury and where can community/ DAO members access this information?
iI) What would the process be in practice for say deploying funds by the DAO from the treasury for this or alternative proposals?

Regarding the current proposed compensation structure I was actually implying all funding by the Foundation (but KPI achievement determined by the DAO) which comes back to the question as to how the DerivaDEX Foundation interacts with the DAO. I’m assuming the Foundation acts independently from the DAO via a board type structure? That being said, I actually think base funding by Foundation + KPI incentives voted for and funded by the DAO is a really interesting hybrid and would take my vote currently. Agree that there should be an eventual transition to full DAO funding. Perhaps reasonable to apply for Foundation base funding for 12-24 months?

Potential options:

  1. Base funding by Foundation + KPI incentives by DAO
  2. Base funding AND KPI incentives by Foundation (Foundation agrees to abide by DAO vote re: KPI achievement)
  3. Base funding AND KPI incentives by DAO

I would love to see this be voted on since mainnet is around the corner and DERIVADEX should be prepared with educational/marketing material to inform the community. This way we aren’t playing catch up once mainnet is announced.

  1. To start I would like to see this role be set for a term of 3-6 months. This way we give it enough time for mainnet to be released and if the DAO decides a different structure or role is more beneficial.

  2. I would like to know what KPI metrics would be used to gauge progress

  3. This is broken down nicely and would love to see the outcome of this proposal

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You need to do a vote on the site

I feel 3 month terms (with vote to extend at the end of each term) initially to ensure the selected candidate is a good fit.

Here’s a suggestion for Performance Categories to be voted upon guided by some potential KPIs. I suggested the 5 basic voting categories as I feel like while this position has many important individual components, it is truly the aggregate that determines whether the role is being performed effectively or not.

Performance Categories for Voting:

  1. Unacceptable - No bonus
  2. Needs improvement = No bonus
  3. Meets expectations = 1/3 bonus
  4. Exceeds expectations = 2/3 bonus
  5. Outstanding = Full bonus

*KPI criteria - these criteria are to be evaluated by voting members of the DerivaDAO and used in aggregate to vote on the appropriate performance category for the preceding 3 month period:

  1. Community growth (i.e. number of twitter followers (non-bot), twitter spaces attendees, discord members, testnet participants, exchange users post-launch, etc.)
  2. Overall quality of community/ social engagement
  3. Quality of written work (i.e. twitter posts, blogs, articles, discord, etc.)
  4. Quality of spoken work (i.e. twitter spaces, podcasts, interviews, etc.)
  5. Community sentiment (does the work performed contribute to improved community sentiment)
  6. Support of community values (are the values held by the DerivaDEX community upheld and strengthened)
  7. Collaboration (demonstrates effective collaboration with all members of the DerivaDEX community as well as with other protocols/ communities/ individuals)
  8. Innovation (takes an innovative approach in supporting and strengthening the DerivaDEX ecosystem when appropriate)
  9. Initiative/ Self-directedness (works in a self-directed manner and takes the initiative to pursue avenues for community growth and brand awareness)
  10. Quantity/Regularity of content production (produces a quantity/regularity of written/ spoken content thought to be effective for achieving the overall goals of community growth)
  11. Community responsiveness (listens to and responds to feedback from the DerivaDEX community in constructive ways)
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I would also assume snapshot is the best option for Performance Category voting purposes, though for distribution of the DerivaDAO funds I guess this would need to be an onchain vote. Perhaps others more familiar with this process can take the lead re: voting logistics?

As far as deploying DAO-controlled funds go, I recommend anyone following this topic attend Wednesday’s session on the governance UI built by dmath. RSVP: DerivaDEX

The tool being demonstrated actually facilitates easily creating proposals around token sends from the DAO.

Although initially this would require a full proposal, a proposal could also be made to move some % of current funds to a multisig, for example, that can pay out on a more frequent basis to contractors and etc.