DDX withdrawal - UX improvement

Hi @brennan ,

I would suggest to more clearly indicate the option of DDX withdrawal as it is little hidden at the moment. To be more specific:

  1. Use column descriptions “Available in wallet” and “Stake value” exclusively for strips with stablecoins. It is confusing when you use it for DDX strip as it is irrelevant to it. In other words have different column descriptions for DDX strip and different for block of stable coins strips.
  2. Put column description “Available for withdrawal” just above the DDX strip
  3. Include value of DDXs currently available for withdrawal in the DDX strip in a same way like you are showing values for stables.

Different column descriptions will do a better job than the almost invisible divider and DDX value inside the DDX strip will give clear message where user needs to click to continue with the withdrawal.




Right. It will be much better this way.