Cookie consent missing?


I never got a cookie consent message/banner when I land on Derivadex website. As far as I´m aware cookie consent approval is mandatory for each website in Europe/US. Is it just me or is it missing? If it is missing you might risk being fined from GDPR/CCPA authorities.



Hey Rudaneck

We do not store any cookies. Everything is client-side.
But I will take a look at it for sure.
Have you ever see other crypto projects with GDPR? Let me know if you have any links, it will help us to confirm the process.

Hey Mathieu,

It is maybe not so common for crypto projects, but exchanges in many cases have it implemented. You can check Binance or Bittrex. As long as you use GA scripts and/or similar trackers, what I assume you use, you should include the consent to your page to avoid the risk of being non-compliant.