Community call: Governance (agenda setting)

Hey everyone,

DEX Labs will host an educational community call about the DerivaDAO / DerivaDEX governance system this coming Wednesday, September 14 at 12pm EST in the Discord [RSVP and be reminded here: DerivaDEX ]

If you’d like to suggest topics to add / speak on, please leave a note below and we can finalize the agenda.

Proposed agenda

  • Intro to the DerivaDEX contracts
  • On vs Off-chain decisionmaking
  • DerivaDAO voting system
  • DerivaDEX parameters
  • meta-governance (how can the DerivaDAO community make governance more effective, accessible, and well-informed?)
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Hi yall

New working group call next week, Tuesday at 4pm EST in the Discord. → DerivaDEX

I expect this to be a more focused / tactical call about specific projects the DAO can kick off, particularly related to governance infrastructure.

I have a link to a collaborative planning document, please DM on discord or here if you’d like to review + contribute. Thanks!